DFT(Design for Test)

  1. Has worked on scan-stitching; and has good knowledge of Scan-stitching related concepts.
  2. Has worked on MBIST implementation and is confident with the Tessent
    flow of mbist-insertion.
  3. Has worked on ATPG; and is well-conversed with the files required to run
  4. ATPG. Knowledge and experience with Tessent ATPG (mentor) is a plus.
  5. Has worked on Spyglass-Lint.
  6. Knowledge of automation scripts is a plus.
  7. Knows the basics of JTAG & IJTAG.
  8. Support Spyglass debug and coverage co-relation.
  9. Support scan-stitching runs.
  10. Debug DRC other scan-related issues
  11. Support ATPG. debug ATPG issues. debug coverage holes.
  12. Support MBISTBISR insertion. debug insertion issues verification issues
  13. Support gate-level simulations.

    Job Types: Full-time
    Regular / Permanent