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Digital transformation needs continuous software deployment across multiple application delivery endpoints such as diverse devices, web, mobile, etc. encompassing a large ecosystem. This brings an opportunity to unify development and operations efforts, and give rise to DevOps culture, encompassing its people, process, and tools working more coherently and efficiently.

Agnify offers DevOps consulting, process transformation, and implementation services to help customers achieve faster time to market, improved code quality, operational scalability, and reduce costs.  Agnify has expertise in building, assessing, and enhancing CI/CD/CT pipelines and tool stacks and establishing DevOps processes for workloads spanning the device to the cloud spectrum.


  • Code, Build, Deploy & Test

  • Static code Analysis

  • System Configurations

  • Agile Development


  • VA/BA assessment

  • Security patches

  • Compliance & Regulations

  • Audits


  • Infrastructure as a Code

  • Runtime Orchestration

  • Playbooks/Cookbooks

  • ChatOps


  • RESTful APIs

  • Containerization

  • Virtualization

Release Management:

  • Build & Release cycles

  • Source Version Controls

  • Pipeline Management


  • Build verification testing

  • Parallel testing

  • Test Infra and app monitoring

  • Scalability Testing