The challenge in developing embedded system software for cutting-edge SOC modules is to develop a low-power and small memory footprint platform without compromising system performance. Also, it requires expertise in handling multi-core platforms for various product solutions and migration of 32-bit to 64-bit systems for application porting.
We have proven expertise in system software and below are our key offerings: –

  1. Embedded solutions with advanced ARM cores on various operating systems Linux kernel, ThreadX, FreeRTOS.
  2. Board bring-up (BSP), Development of Device drivers, and hardware abstraction layers.
  3. Platform Linux kernel and middleware porting and migration on advanced ARM Cortex-A 64-bit processors.
  4. Product development for low-power and small-footprint devices with advanced ARM cortex-M3 Microcontrollers programming.
  5. Expertise in delivering time to market of various embedded products in the areas of mobile platforms, IoT Automotive, industrial, medical, and wearable technologies with stability, desired power & performance.